Regardless of whether you’re traveling through the Queen City and don’t want to dine alone, or you’re a local Charlottean who’s looking to make the most of a free evening, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want sophistication and intelligence,
If you crave coy, curvaceous and confident,
If you need discretion, confidentiality, and trustworthy,
If you desire luxury companionship and entertainment with no strings attached,

You’ve DEFINITELY come to the right place.

Emma Elizabeth is a career woman by day and your personal companion by evening.  She is a confident and sensual woman, not a giddy little girl, who can best be described as a 40-something year old, slightly sassy Southern belle who dispenses quick wit with a seductive smile.  Emma is flirty, dirty, inked* and curvy and she can offer you a uniquely gratifying evening experience. Her casual, relaxed attitude will immediately put you at ease and the stresses of your day will quickly fade in her presence.

After a day of taking charge in the office, Emma loves to let down her hair, run her fingers through it, and truly be herself.

*Emma has three tasteful tattoos, only one of which is visible in public. 

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Located in SW Charlotte Steelecreek area

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