Let's get intimate

A date with Emma Elizabeth sets the mood and creates a personal connection for your alone time after dinner.  Call her old-fashioned, but she loves flirting, allowing a sexy little undercurrent to build throughout the evening.

There's a subtle mix of skills involved in flirting. Charm, of course. Flattery. Focus. Small talk. Eye contact. Playfulness. Humor. And just the tiniest hint that you find the person attractive. Nothing overt, nothing pressured, nothing approaching a pass. Just a self-contained moment.  If there were a master class in flirting, Emma could teach it!

Emma loves the company of respectful and mature gentlemen, age 40 and over. Savor a glass of wine before dinner (she’s a budding oenophile), enjoy stimulating conversation and delicious food, then a delectable dessert is sure to follow - it's Emma's favorite course!  If you'd like to skip straight to the dessert course, that's fine too.

Drinks and dinner only at an upscale restaurant of your choice:
(add  $50 for Uptown CLT locations)  

Drinks, upscale dinner and delectable dessert:
(add $50 for Uptown CLT locations)

Delectable Dessert only:
(add $50 for Uptown CLT locations)

Prefer a more interactive evening? Choose Emma's Haute Cuisine package. (Haute Cuisine will resume in Fall when it's not so haute in the kitchen!)

She is available Monday – Friday during the hours of 7pm-10pm.  Pre-booking is required.  Weekend dates can also be arranged with adequate notice.

Located in SW Charlotte Steelecreek area